#100daysofhappiness: Day 22

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I have been trying to incorporate more healthy food into my diet.  Over the last week I have been drinking “green smoothies”. How fitting to have my green smoothie as my #100daysofhappiness on a holiday that is filled with green!

Basically I have been taking a normal smoothie and adding spinach and honey to it!  It does have a different taste but it is still sweet and yummy! I have been able to add more spinach every time… so for those of you afraid start small and build up!

Todays combo [I don’t measure what I do so these are estimates]:

1-2 cups spinach

One Teaspoon honey

Two cut strawberries

1 Cup of frozen mango and pineapple

1/2-1 cup milk

I use a Ninja and I LOVE it!


What is your favorite way to incorporate healthy foods into your everyday diet?

4 thoughts on “#100daysofhappiness: Day 22

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