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#100daysofhappiness: Day 37

Sooooo I made my post from the other day into a community Buzzfeed article.  I don’t plan on doing that often but I was proud of my humor.  Below is a snapshot and here is the link.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 3.35.04 PM

#100daysofhappiness: Day 36

My girl “Intern Casey” is crazy! She is one of my favorite people to turn to about social media.  Well my email went crazy and what do I find?  Casey has gone crazy on liking blog posts!  Made my heart smile.

Stay tuned, I think after this she deserves a guest blog spot!!


Two Cents Tuesday


Here goes my first real opinion blog post.  I don’t feel like these will happen often but here it goes!

I love makeup! I love the different things I can do and the confidence it gives me. I have had on and off acne my entire life and mix that with skin that scars very easily… you get the picture.  It has taken a lot of my 20’s to gain confidence to go into public with no makeup on.

I am usually one that is willing to try something new before it is a trend.  There are TONS of makeup/beauty trends right now that I LOVE but there is one that’s become popular that I am not interested in trying and it is make up contouring! Now some people contour wonderfully and they accent their favorite features.  However, SOME PEOPLE ARE UNRECOGNIZABLE! To me this makes no sense…. everyone is beautiful and yes we all have some features we don’t like but to change your entire face with makeup just seems so sad!

This one is subtle and accents the woman’s features. Love how it plays up where light would hit your face! Now THIS is something I would be willing to try!

b605cb07258bb13262e6ad63eff8450eHere is the direct link.

Here is one where the young woman even admits this makeup being deceiving!


Here is the direct link.

Now some of the ones below are alright but some don’t even look like themselves…. like the 1st and 4th.


Here is the direct link.

I am not trying to be judgmental as the women are all beautiful in their before and in their after.  My hope is that they are comfortable in their own skin and are just contouring for fun, not trying to hide themselves.

I love fashion and watching the latest trends but I am also aware of the pressure it puts on women to look a certain way.  As much as I want my 5’2″ frame will never be super model height…  I learned long ago to embrace being petite! So with that I just think some of this makeup contouring has gone haywire!  Love the skin your in people and use makeup to accent your beauty not hide it!


Here is a quick OOTD: The top and shoes can be SO versatile. GREAT investment pieces!


Blouse: Old: Forever 21 [Copy Cat]

ALSO: EXPRESS has a similar  [Copy Cat] with TONS of colors to choose from.

Pants: Target Kids: OLD: [Copy Cat]

Really this outfit can be paired with any color solid pants

Shoes: Target Penelope Espadrille 

Purse: Louis Vuitton

#100daysofhappiness: Day 14

Seems like weekends get the best of me and I remember to take a picture but not to post! Last night my MOL (shout out to BARB who actually reads this blog), FOL and my Aunt and Uncle in law (is that even what they are called?) came to our house for dinner.

Since Mark is working like crazy I told him I would prepare dinner.  I didn’t want to try anything that I was uncomfortable with so I went with one of Mark’s favorite things, BACON WRAPPED CHICKEN!

Here is the recipe I just messed a few together I found on Pinterest:

Chicken Breast

Red/orange/yellow/green peppers (Whichever you prefer or are on sale)


Cheddar Cheese (I prefer slicing a block)

Tooth picks

Baking Sheet


Preheat over to 350 degrees.  Cut peppers (you need about 3 slivers per chicken). Cut onion (we LOVE onion so I unusually load it with big chucks).  Cut cheese (1-2 slices per chicken depending on size).  Butterfly Chicken Breast.  Open the breast and load with peppers, onions and cheese.  Fold over.  Begin to wrap bacon around the chicken and hold in place with toothpick.  It typically takes me 2-3 slices of bacon depending on how large the breast is!  Once wrapped place on baking sheet.  Once you have all the breast completed place in oven for 30-40 mins.

I paired this chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes! SO YUMMY! Of course I made the dessert I talked about in a TASTY TREATS blog post.

The food was a hit and everyone left with full bellies!